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While metal halide replacement light bulbs are not the cheapest bulbs out there, they are some of the best when a high intensity discharge (HID) is desired. Metal halide lamps work through a design incorporating a bulb within a bulb. An arc tube inside a larger bulb causes halides inside the bulb to glow with extreme intensity, putting out a remarkable amount of light with very little energy use.

Metal halide replacement bulbs also function for quite a long time - 20,000 hours or more in many cases. There is some upfront cost, but metal halide bulbs pay for themselves over time, especially when the best is necessary.

Metal Halide light bulbs - The most important and most popular member of the HID lighting family. It's a bulb-within-a-bulb. Where an arc tube is placed inside a larger bulb. The arc tube causes the halides inside to glow, and glow brightly, offering a very high lumens per watt ratio. In other words, you can use very little energy to produce a whole lot of light!

Metal Halides come in two main shapes, and a few less common ones. The most popular in use is the BT28 or BT37 shape. These are typically put in high bay light fixtures, high above the environment where people are. The ED17 shape is longer and thinner, and is used in places where space is at a premium.

The lesser known PAR shape Metal Halide flood bulb is used when all of the light produced needs to be directed in one way or another. There are a lot of other metal halide shapes and sizes, most commonly used in highly specialized medical equipment. Metal Halides provide a good quality of color rendering and a very favorable color temperature of 4100K, which is often referred to as cool white.
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