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H.I.D. Light Bulbs - (High Intensity Discharge) Light Bulbs

HID (High Intensity Discharge) Light Bulbs

Do you have a need for a spectacularly bright light that will burn and burn and burn -- without also burning up your electric bill? If so, then you need to check out the selection of HID (high intensity discharge) light bulbs we offer here at Genesis Light. What makes these bulbs so extraordinary? Like standard halogen light bulbs, HID light bulbs get their brilliance from energized inert gas trapped inside them. But unlike halogens, HPS light bulbs use xenon, which produces a much brighter light without the need for a filament. This technology grants them a total lifespan of up to 20,000 hours of illumination. The higher initial installation cost is more than offset by the fact that you to replace them so infrequently -- not to mention their amazing energy efficiency. If you’re trying to keep a store interior/exterior lighting, parking lot lighting, factory lighting or warehouse floor lights, or any other large space brilliantly lit for as long as as cheaply as possible, you’ll love HIDs. You’ll also love the incredible variety of HID light bulbs available at Genesis Lamp. We’ve got

low-pressure sodium light bulbs, high pressure sodium light bulbs, mercury vapor light bulbs, and metal halide light bulbs

to suit every conceivable need. Our knowledgeable staff members can help you decide which type of HIS light bulbs makes the most sense for what you’re trying to achieve.

Genesis Lamp offers a wide selection of HID (High Intensity Discharge) light bulbs, including: high pressure sodium light bulbs, low pressure sodium light bulbs, mercury vapor light bulbs and metal halide light bulbs.

High Intensity Discharge light bulbs also known as HID bulbs are an excellent option for energy efficient lighting. They are in use almost everywhere. f From the local grocery store, to warehouses and factories, to parking lots and highway lights, Hid bulbs can be found anywhere. HID light bulbs are simply the most efficient method of lighting large areas, where color rendering and quality are not extremely important factors. Some HID lighting is a subdued orange color, like so many street lights tend to be. This does not mean that HID's must be that way, as many of them are actually in the cool white part of the light spectrum. These types of light bulbs have extremely long life cycles, many as high as 20,000 hours or more. This helps to justify the higher initial cost of HID lighting systems.

HID Light Bulbs

Metal Halide light bulbs -Metal Halide light bulbs - This most common and popular member of the HID lighting family is actually a bulb with a bulb. That is to say, it’s an arc tube placed into a larger containment lamp. The metal halides inside the arc tube glow with tremendous brightness when excited; the high lumens-to-energy ratio means you get a whole lot of light from a little bit of electricity. The light produced assumes a color temperature of 4100K, a cool white light that is reasonably easy on the eyes and offers excellent color rendering. You’ll find that metal halide light bulbs come in two primary shapes, along with with few other lesser-known ones. The type commonly installed in high bay-light fixtures is usually a BT28 or BT37. If you need to fit your light into a narrower space, you might prefer the elongated ED17 shape. There’s also a type called a PAR shape metal halide light bulb for when you want to direct a focused beam of light in one direction. Less common metal halide bulbs are generally used in specialized applications such as the medical field.

Mercury Vapor bulbs -- Mercury vapor was the HID technology preceding metal halide. While they’re still available for sale, they have some characteristics that may make them less desirable than more modern solutions. Chief among these is the issue of color shifting. Mercury vapor bulbs start out by producing an even, cool white light, but as the bulbs age the color tends to change. This is actually a characteristic shared by all HIS bulbs -- but the shift is faster and more obvious with mercury vapor. This may not matter if you’re simply using them for spot or flood lighting -- and in fact we can provide you with R30 or R40 bulbs for that purpose -- but overall, metal halide technology has proven far superior. The most common types of mercury vapor bulb are the ED28 and ED17 models; Sylvania no longer makes a PAR style for this kind of lamp.

High Pressure Sodium light bulbs -If you’re all about long bulb life at the cost of color rendering, then high pressure sodium light bulbs may be just what the doctor ordered. High pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs are noticeably orange in color, often causing objects to display altered or muted colors as a result. So if you run an art studio or an auto body shop, this type of lamp is most definitely not for you. On the plus side, they last longer than any other type of HID bulb, and they’re also the least expensive -- that’s one reason you see them in so many street lights and parking lot lights. (In fact, the more muted light these bulbs produce is probably much more neighborhood-friendly than a brighter white light would be.)

Low pressure sodium light bulbs -“Bug yellow” may be an unflattering term, but that’s how people commonly describe the output of a low pressure sodium bulb. The light emitted by this kind of bulb has a warm, yellowish cast to it, with a relatively low color temperature. Obviously this rules them out for any application that requires color accuracy or extremely bright light. On the plus side, however, this type of bulb is unrivaled for putting out large amounts of light at minimal wattage. The yellow color is also a suitable choice for metropolitan areas concerned about minimizing light pollution. Another benefit of low pressure sodium (LPS) bulbs is the fact that they don’t grow dimmer over the their lifespan as other types of HID bulbs do.
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