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Full Spectrum Light Bulbs - Sylvania Full Spectrum Bulbs

Genesis Lamp is your complete source for full spectrum light bulbs. We offer a full line of Sylvania full spectrum bulbs as well as full spectrum flood lights and full spectrum spot lights. Full spectrum light is specially designed to mimic the full spectrum of natural sunlight, unlike traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights that cut out certain parts of the natural spectrum.

Whether you want to improve your life with light therapy or just want the colors in your home to really pop, full spectrum light bulbs from Genesis Lamp are a great solution. Full spectrum lighting reveals the true color balance that traditional lighting may suppress. Light therapy using full spectrum bulbs is also a standard treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD). As trusted leaders in the lighting industry, we at Genesis Lamp are ready to help with all your full spectrum lighting needs.

SYLVANIA Full Spectrum Daylight lamps produce a whiter, more natural light that makes any room look its best. Daylight incandescent lamps employ a patent pending coating formulation to create their unique, white light. The unique sky blue coating of these lamps produces a more natural, balanced light that makes colors look great. SYLVANIA Daylight lamps are available in five of the most common lamp types, including A15, A19, A21 3-way, G25, R20 and BR30.

Electric light bulbs (often fluorescent) can be manufactured to produce light that simulates the bluish white color and perceived brightness of daylight. A daylight bulb is mimicking the color of light from the sky, not the direct beam of the sun. These bulbs are often marketed as full spectrum or daylight bulbs but there are also bulbs not marketed as full spectrum that produce the same bluish white color appearance and perceived brightness of daylight. Many of these bulbs also do an excellent job at accurate color rendering.

Full spectrum light therapy is sometimes recommended for people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Research shows that any light source (preferrably daylight) at 10,000 lux (1000 footcandles) aimed toward the eye for 30 minutes a day, can be effective. Light sources with a strong blue wavelength component are most effective. Full spectrum lights usually meet this standard. Any electric light bulb with a color temperature of 5000K or higher also meets this standard.

Daylight provides the highest level of accurate color rendering. Most incandescent and halogen light bulbs produce light that is excellent at color rendering. However, they usually do not also produce the bluish white light associated with daylight. Full spectrum light sources, usually fluorescent, often attempt to provide both excellent color rendering and light that appears similar to daylight.
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