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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (Screw Base Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs)
Energy Saving Light Bulbs - CFLs

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Compact Fluorescent Lighting provides high-quality light along with smart technology and design. Compact Fluorescent light bulbs are energy efficient and last longer than typical incandescent light bulbs. Compact fluorescent ligh bulbs give you more light per watt!

Genesis Lamp carries both screw base and pin base compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Any questions about compact fluorescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps or compact fluorescent lights, call Genesis Lamp at: 1.800.685.5267

We'll help you find the right light bulb for all of your lighting needs.

What compact fluorescent light bulb do I buy to replace a 60-, 75-, 100- or 150-watt regular bulb?

How are the watts calculated?

While a regular (incandescent) light bulb uses heat to produce light, a fluorescent bulb creates light using an entirely different method that is far more energy-efficient in fact, 4-6 times more efficient. This means that you can buy a 15-watt compact fluorescent bulb that produces the same amount of light as a 60-watt regular incandescent bulb.

Don't worry about the math, though we make it easy for you to figure out which compact fluorescent bulb to buy by displaying the equivalent regular watts you're used to prominently on the package. Just look for the wattage you would normally buy in a regular bulb.

In case you're curious, here are the watts needed by regular incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light.

60 watts incandescent = 15 watts compact fluorescent 75 watts incandescent = 20 watts compact fluorescent 100 incandescent = 26-29 watts compact fluorescent 150 incandescent = 38-42 watts compact fluorescent 250-300 incandescent = 55 watts compact fluorescent

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (Screw Base Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs)
Energy Saving Light Bulbs - CFLs

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