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MR-16 - 30 Watt Light Bulbs - Airport Lighting

MR-16 - 30 Watt Light Bulbs - Airport Lighting & Airport Lightbulbs - Description: The MR 11 and MR 16 airport lighting reflector bulbs are tungsten quartz halogen. They are available in two types, 1st are the bulbs manufactured by Genesis Lamp Corporation, 2nd are stock items manufactured by GE, Philips, and Osram. The bulbs are 12 degree spot or faceted inner face reflectors. The bulbs powers are 30, 45, 48, 62, 105, and 150 watts at 6.6 Ampere. Configuration fot the MR bulbs can be G5.3 pins, G6.35, and flex leads with either male or female flat connectors or male and female round hole connectors. Flex wire leads are 4"-15" depending upon the manufactures fixture type. These bulbs are used in airfield runway touchdown zone, runway centerline, runway taxiway centerline, VASI, PAPI, runway signs, distance markers, and stop and hold fixtures. These lamps are approved for use in FAA L-850, L-852, L-880, and L-881 requirments.