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ANSI Coded Lamps - ANSI Coded Replacement Bulbs

ANSI Coded Light Bulbs
ANSI (American National Standards Institute) coded light bulbs meet specific industry standards for light output, bulb shape, base type, beam spread and other lamp specifications. If a manufacturer offers a light bulb with an ANSI coded lamp designation, that light bulb should be identical to a similarly ANSI designated bulb from other manufacturers. In the list below, some ANSI coded lamps are followed by /5 or /7 or /130. This suffix indicates a version of the same light bulb that is designed to provide longer rated life at some reduction in light output.

ANSI CODED LIGHT BULBS - American National Standards Institute

Searching for a new light bulb requires understanding the type of bulbs that fit the item and how to determine if the new replacement will produce the same level of light. One method of understanding the bulbs is through the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, data on the bulb.

Light Bulb Basics:

When it comes to replacement bulbs, numerous options are available on the market. By looking for standardization in the bulbs, it is possible to determine if the new light will work as well as the original and whether it will even fit the lamp.

The American National Standards Institute codes help clarify the answers by providing the standards as which a light bulb must meet to have the same code. The bulbs with the same standard code will have the same light output, the same shape, the same base, the same spread of light and the same light specifications that it must fit and meet. If the numbers do not match, the codes will end up different.

When the ANSI standards are the same, the light will fit the same lamp. This is true whether the new bulb was manufactured by the same lamp company or whether it was manufactured by a different company. By following the code on the ANSI standard, it is easy to simplify the search for a new light bulb to fit the lamp.

Finding the Right Bulb:

When searching for a new ANSI bulb to fit a lamp, the first consideration is selecting the appropriate coded bulbs for the lamp. The old bulb or the lamp will have the coding information. Select the ANSI category based on the type of bulb or the appearance of the original bulb.

Alternatively, it is possible to fill in the ANSI code number in the keyword search at the top left side of the web page to search for a specific bulb standard.

Beyond the basic code for the ANSI standards, the suffix on the coded lamp will also help in the search. The code will have either /5, /7 or /130 afterward to give a better indication of the life of the bulb and the light output.

The replacement bulbs with a longer life will end up having a slightly lower light output. The higher the voltage used by the bulb, the lower the expected life of the bulb becomes as a result.

Different Gases:

Three main gases are used in light bulbs and replacement bulbs: halogen, krypton and xenon. The different gases result in different bulb reactions that create variations in the light, the length of time the bulb is likely to work and the quality of light produced.

Halogen lights use 99 percent argon or similar inert gases and one percent halogen gas. The resulting light is often yellow in color due to the reaction between halogen and argon.

Krypton is similar to the halogen in the combination of 99 percent argon and one percent krypton, but there the similarities fall away. Krypton bulbs generally produce better quality light and the bulbs will usually last much longer. The result is that the krypton lights are generally more expensive due to the time required to make them and the durability of the bulb when it is finished.

Xenon bulbs have the same measurements of inert gas and xenon gas, but the difference is that instead of burning hot, the xenon bulbs end up burning cold. They also produce white light rather than yellow light as a result of the reaction between xenon and the inert gas used to fill the bulb.

Replacement bulbs are not hard to find when the standards match the original codes. The ANSI coded bulbs make replacements easier to find. Comparing prices and options that will fit the lamp is the final part of finding the perfect replacement bulb.
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