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Ushio Super MH /Conversion AMH-600 Opti-Blue Horticulture Grow Lamp

Ushio Super MH /Conversion AMH-600 Opti-Blue Horticulture Grow Lamp
Ushio Super MH /Conversion AMH-600 Opti-Blue Horticulture Grow Lamp - Description - Wattage: 600 - Color Temp: 7000k - Life: 12,000 hours - Bulb Type: T25 - Base: E39 - Lamp Voltage: 90v - 120v

400W, 600W, 1000W SUPER high output HPS with maximized output in both red and blue spectral range

Runs on HPS Ballast

SUPER HPS bulb with maximum output in both red and blue spectrum

Optimized for maximum flower yield, and added blue spectrum for vegetative growth efficiency

Outperforms standard HPS bulbs

USHIO, INC. - THE LIGHTING SPECIALIST USHIO, Inc. was established in 1964, with the aim of developing illumination and energy-related applications for light. Throughout its history, USHIO has focused on developing light sources and units in tandem with the evolution of industrial technologies.

USHIO, Inc. is Japan's foremost producer of high-quality light sources, units, and systems. USHIO has earned its reputation by developing products that integrate state-of-the-art lighting technologies and designs with the specic application needs of industry-leading clients in a wide range of elds, from semiconductors, electronics, image information and processing of biotechnology, medicine and horticulture. You may be surprised to learn that USHIO supplies majority of the exposure lamps used for commercial copy machines, IMAX theater projector machines, and provide essential light sources to make computer chips that you rely daily in your computer and cell phone.

USHIO maintains ISO9001 certied production facilities in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia and they are complemented by a worldwide sales and marketing network.As the market for light sources and their application products grow, USHIO is expanding its group of highly specialized companies into an ever-increasing range of countries and regions. Through the internal synergy of the USHIO Group, we are able to produce and market a diverse lineup of the high-quality light sources and their application products and services that are essential to manufacturers. The USHIO Group aims to be the world's leading provider of lighting-edge technology products. Visit www.USHIO.com for more information.

Ushio Super MH /Conversion AMH-600 Opti-Blue Horticulture Grow Lamp

Part Number 5001675
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