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ADB - L-848YRLB LED Airfield Lighting

 ADB - L-848YRLB LED Airfield Lighting
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Product Description

ADB - L-848YRLB LED Airfield Lighting - Description: Formerly Siemens – The L-858YRLB LED signs virtually eliminate runway shutdowns due to the longevity of the LED light source. They are direct replacements for existing signs, and they create a highly uniform distribution of light, eliminating hots spots and shadows. They can be powered from either a ferroresonant or thyristor type CCR and operate on 3-step, 5-step and 5.5A series circuits.

Compliance Standards:

FAA: L-858Y, L-858R, L-858L, L-858B AC 150/5345-44 (Current Edition) and the FAA Engineering Brief No. 67 "Light Sources other than Incandescent and Xenon for Airport Lighting and Obstruction Lighting Fixtures." ETL Certified.