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ADB - L-849 LED Runway Threshold Airfield Lighting

 ADB - L-849 LED Runway Threshold  Airfield Lighting
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Product Description

ADB - L-849 LED Runway Threshold Airfield Lighting - Description: Formerly Siemens – The L-849 LED REIL provides a visual indication to pilots of the runway threshold during an approach. It is available in two formats: L-849V - Powered by a voltage source L-849I - Powered by a constant current regulator

The L-849A is a high-intensity single-step light, while the L-849C is a low-intensity single-step light. The L-849C is recommended when there are lower levels of background illumination in the surrounding area. The L-849E is available in high, medium and low-intensity three-step lights and is recommended for intermittent use (such as being activated by radio control).

The LED REIL provides energy savings of up to 33 percent for L-849A/E voltage-driven, up to 78 percent for L-849C voltage-driven, and up to 96 percent for series circuit applications with power adapters. It also offers improved safety with very low voltage internal to the LED REIL vs. 2000V DC in traditional xenon flash lamp units. The LED REIL also eliminates expensive xenon flash lamp replacement.

Compliance Standards:

FAA: Designed to L-849 Style A, C or E AC 150/5345-51 (Current Edition) and the FAA Engineering Brief No. 67 "Light Sources other than Incandescent and Xenon for Airport Lighting and Obstruction Lighting Fixtures." ETL Certified.

ICAO: Annex 14, Vol. 1, para. 5.3.8