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ADB - ALSF/MALSR In Pavement Airfield Lighting

 ADB - ALSF/MALSR In Pavement Airfield Lighting

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Product Description

ADB - ALSF/MALSR In Pavement Airfield Lighting - Description: Formerly Siemens – ALSF Runway Approach Light is used in high-intensity approach centerline, crossbar and row barrettes applications and comes in white, green and red. For MALSR medium-intensity approach applications the fixture comes in white and for threshold applications in green. These fixtures use aluminum alloy covers and inner covers, stainless steel hardware, and aluminum alloy and stainless steel optical assemblies. Numerous product advantages include lower weight, easier maintenance and lower life cycle cost than older style fixtures.

Compliance with Standards:

FAA: Designed according to FAA-E-2952 (Replacement for FAA-E-2491) for high-intensity approach lighting applications. FAA-E-2952 photometrics in white, green, and red ETL tested. Designed according to FAA specification FAA-E-2968 Steady Burning, Semi-Flush, Approach Light Units for MALSR applications.